Mechanical engineering for natural and synthetic fiber yarns

Development of individual systems in the knitting machine industry

Marcus Thümling and his team develop customised solutions for the ever-changing textile machinery market. Thümling warp knitting machines are customised to requirements for batch size 1 or small series. Best German engineering, combined with a passion for the development of machines in the knitting machine industry, brings about results of the highest quality.

We base our work on criteria such as maximum productivity at an efficient cost-benefit matrix even in the development phase

The high-performance and highly automated warp knitting machines for production of innovative textiles can not only be expanded by use of adapted modules to supplement the tried and tested standard components, but also allow subsequent adjustments after commissioning. Customer benefit and individual customer requirements are always at the focus.

Where used machines are concerned, Marcus Thümling’s team can also refurbish machines that have already seen service for a while to bring them both electronically and mechanically up to date. Customer requirements and intended later use are decisive for this.

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