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The fascination of textiles - past and present

Marcus Thümling has always been fascinated by technology and mechanical engineering. He has been working on an ambitious project for a while now. His vision is developing a textile machine that allows him to produce merino knit goods and textiles made of other natural fibres on an industrial scale.

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Responsibility and closeness to nature



Development and production of warp knit fabrics made from 100% Merino

Knitting machines

Knitting machines

Development of warp knitting and pile knitting machines



Made in Germany


    Textiles made from Merino wool have proven themselves for centuries. NXTMERINO is a milestone in textile production.

  • Responsibility

    Highly functional textiles made of renewable raw materials – NXTMERINO is the material of the future.

  • Knitting machine development

    Customised development of warp knitting machines and pile knitting machines 


Thümling Textilmaschinen GmbH
Nordstraße 23 / 95131 Schwarzenbach am Wald / Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 9289 97113  |  Fax: +49 (0) 9289 97115  |  E-Mail: thuemling@textilmaschinen.com

Innovative textile machines

Marcus Thümling from Schwarzenbach am Wald near Hof in Bavaria looks proudly at his unique textile machine. With great expertise, perseverance and enthusiasm, he succeeded in developing an innovative warp knitting machine that enables the production of pure natural textiles - such as the in-house development NXTMERINO - in excellent quality. Natural fibers such as linen, silk, cotton and wool are perfectly knitted into high-quality natural textiles on this textile machine.

Natural textiles are very popular because of their diverse wearing properties and sustainability. By using renewable raw materials, Marcus Thümling also wants to make his own personal contribution to preserving our environment. “Because we all have responsibility and can encourage people to rethink things,” says the entrepreneur.

Marcus Thümling is satisfied with his success: Fairly and sustainably produced natural textiles with excellent quality, the production and finishing of which takes place exclusively at the Schwarzenbach am Wald location in Germany.

NXTMERINO – Next level for textiles made from Merino knitted fabric, 100% Merino fiber

Our NXTMERINO knitted fabric is a 100% natural product made from pure, soft merino wool.
Thanks to its new and unique production, the superfine NXTMERINO knit stands out from the standard of Merino fabrics manufactured today using stitch and weaving processes. The very good and widely appreciated properties of Merino textiles are completely retained and are supplemented by the nature of a knitted fabric with high elasticity, dimensional stability and resistance to wrinkles and running stitches.

The extremely soft merino fabric is perfect for sports and outdoor clothing due to its natural properties, as it is breathable, odorless and thermoregulating.

The merino fibers for NXTMERINO are certified and can be described as mulesing-free. NXTMERINO is free of chemical additives and completely biodegradable.



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