Merino knitted fabric made from 100% Merino - more than a vision

The development of the special knitting machine by Marcus Thümling at his company location in Upper Franconia enabled him to bring NXTMERINO© to the market in 2022. Marcus Thümling - a committed entrepreneur with inventive spirit and a lot of practical experience in textile machine construction is convinced that his Merino jersey NXTMERINO© is the future for the diverse areas of application. Well-known properties of conventional materials made from merino blends are retained and improved with NXTMERINO© through the knitting process. These are mainly:

  • Extremely high tear and burst strength (over 200 kpa)
  • Higher elasticity
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Increased wrinkle resistance
  • Extremely high running stitch strength
  • Improved absorbency
  • Higher antibacterial effect 100% Merinowool


NXTMERINO© stands out from conventional merino fabrics, which are predominantly manufactured using stitch and weaving processes, primarily due to the special manufacturing process on a special Thümling knitting machine.

100% natural

The merino knitted fabric NXTMERINO© from Thümling is a 100% natural product; the yarn used is certified “mulesing-free” and is free of chemical additives.


NXTMERINO© is completely biodegradable. The ethically justifiable origin of the raw materials used is traceable and can be documented at any time. -guaranteed suitable for grandchildren!


Connected to nature

Exercising in the fresh air clears our heads, creates space for new ideas and allows us to recharge for everyday life.
"We like to be outside and wherever possible we pay attention to renewable, sustainably produced materials when choosing our clothing." says Michaela Thümling.

Ambition meets ingenuity

Marcus Thümling - always fascinated by technology and mechanical engineering - has followed an ambitious vision in recent years. His goal was to develop a warp knitting machine that would enable him to industrially produce Merino knitted goods and textiles made from natural fibers such as silk or linen. The efforts were worth it. With NXTMERINO, the Thümling company now offers a merino jersey that is unique in the world and has enormous tear and burst strength (over 200 kpa).

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