The company Thümling Textilmaschinen

Marcus Thümling has preserved his childhood fascination with technology to this day. After training with a German textile machine manufacturer, he worked in development and graduated from technical school. In 1992, he founded his own company after years in development. Marcus Thümling bought textile machines from around the world, repaired and overhauled them, or converted them to meet specific customer requirements. The company kept growing along with its market. The business in used machines became established as an integral part of the company portfolio and remains an important pillar today.

The owner’s know-how and many years of experience, always driven by an irrepressible urge to invent, led to various in-house developments.
One of them is Thümling Matratzenmanufaktur, which has been producing mattresses with an innovative core made of various special knitted fabrics for years with great success.

Marcus Thümling specifically developed the machine for producing the knit fabric for this business unit. His joy in this success and the constant urge to create new things motivated the technology-lover to develop a machine for production of natural fibres.

“I am familiar with the global market because I used to work in it. I am aware of what machines on the market can and cannot offer. Conventional machines can’t handle all fibres, and they certainly cannot cope with different natural fibres.”

Development of a warp knitting machine that can knit natural fibres such as linen, silk, cotton, and in particular wool perfectly into textiles took some time, but the result is now available. The innovative textile machine was put through its paces for a year. Among other things, it has produced knit merino wool jersey as yard goods in exceptional quality.

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